Nutrient-packed ingredients,
including vegetables,
fruits and grains

We virtually eliminate the use of
unnecessary oils, fats, sodium
and added sugar.

Lunches the natural way,
delivered to your children at
participating schools.
LunchPails offers home-style nutritious hot lunches for children. Our meals are carefully prepared with nutrient-packed ingredients hidden inside, and delivered hot and fresh to local schools. Our home-style lunches are fortified with vegetables, fruits, and grains (some you can see; some you can't). For example, our mac-and-cheese is enhanced with pureed carrots. Mashed potatoes are boosted with cauliflower, And those crunchy homemade cookies are enriched with ground flax seeds! Kids love the food. Parents love the convenience and the added nutrition!

Children learn better when they eat a healthy, balanced diet, and our program assists busy parents with the task of preparing lunches.
“I would like to extend my sincerest thank you for a lunch service which surpasses all of your competitors!” - Michelle H
“...a wonderful program, a healthy program and a convenience in a busy world” - Erica W
“I'm a regular Lunch Pails customer and order lunches for my daughter and son. My children help me place their orders and they love choosing what they want for hot lunch. I have always received excellent service and my kids have always been happy with them” - Anonymous

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